Latteria Soresina

Implementation of demand & production planning with integrated artificial intelligence

company title

Latteria Soresina

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size and location

Grande impresa, Soresina (CR)



Competencies used

Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems
Logistics 4.0
Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes

The problem

Historically, the function of planning and production in Latteria Soresina has been entrusted to the ability and historical memory of the operators of the production departments according to punctual commercial requests (logic of make to order). Therefore, it is necessary to carry out demand planning in line with current market requirements, such as flexibility, reduction in the size of the number of batches, fragmentation of references and optimization of incoming and outgoing logistics flows. 

The risk related to demand management without a supporting information system entail:  

  1. A significant effort on the part of those dedicated to implementing the production plan;  

  2. The risk of making assessment errors in terms of sizing production capacity, quantification of the raw materials required and appraisal of the precise market demand; 

  3. Greater difficulties in estimating changes in consumer characteristics and habits.  



  1. Artificial intelligence for the estimation of market demand.  

  2. Advanced demand planning. 


  • Strategical ability to process different variables that can impact planning according to variable factors such as: promotions, push sales, seasonality, weather, product TMC, remaining shelf life, in/out customer, order lead time.  

  • Reliability in order fulfillment and production efficiency.  

Benefits for the company

  • Thanks to the reduction of production costs, the operating contribution margins for each product family increase;  

  • time to market decreases and at the same time the time window of marketability of the product is lengthened compared to the expiry date; 

  • greater understanding of customers’ needs, with consequent alignment with expectations and improvement of service levels;  

  • greater responsiveness in the marketplace, able to adapt to increasingly dynamic and timely changes.  



“Latteria Soresina: gli step per diventare una Smart Factory”


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