Latteria Soresina

Acquisizione di Metodologie Innovative per la Gestione di Nuovi Prodotti e Processi in Ambito di Marketing e di Ricerca e Sviluppo  (M.I.R.S.)

company name

Latteria Soresina

project name


dimension and localization

Medium enterprise, Lombardy



The problem

Through the M.I.R.S. project, Latteria Soresina wanted to review its system of innovation and development of all phases of its organization, including the contribution of people and their way of executing innovation, an activity that can be divided into two macro-groups:

1) Creativity development i.e., the set of activities related to idea generation, development of new products or innovation of existing ones. Creativity also conceived as updating of procedures and skills of individual employees coordinated with the corporate vision and strategy.
2) Process optimization understood as the set of activities related to process innovation, revision and ‘innovation in the organization of its system, executive dynamics, information coordinated with the vision and to the outlined strategy.

The solution


MADE 4.0 has set and started a process of revisiting the innovation and product development system through a methodology, called Innovation Decision Accelerator, consisting of three phases:

  • 1) Mapping the AS IS Innovation Process with the aim of identifying the formal and informal steps of the innovation phase, defining the evaluation and monitoring criteria as well as identifying the roles currently involved in the decision-making process and, finally, assessing the methods and tools used for internal communications;
  • 2) Design of a new innovation process with the objective of identifying and selecting new external sources of information to supplement the current ones, new criteria for evaluating initiatives that are more appropriate, and drafting a report of the TO BE process with formalization of the phases, activities, roles and interfaces with other processes and representation of its positioning with respect to organizational structure
  • 3) Setting up a structured Roadmap for the introduction of the identified evolutionary elements according to a change management plan


  • To structure the description of initiatives related to the introduction of a new product, through homogeneous elements, identifying a model that also describes the skills needed to achieve it
  • To enrich and formalize elements to support the selection and monitoring of product and process innovation initiatives (KPIs and competitive analysis)
  • To communicate relevant information about the process and ongoing initiatives to the entire structure to encourage internal involvement

Beneficial to the company

  •  Identification of a pilot project in which to test the changes made to the innovation process.
  • On-boarding of the people involved and shared planning of support for the execution of product and process innovation activities together with company contact persons
  • Training of the people involved on the new innovation process in order to provide all the necessary elements for understanding the approach, methods and tools and the impact
    on innovation project management
  • Identification of areas for process improvement and updating of the operational plan.
  • Analysis of results and sharing of evidence (lessons learned) that emerged during the course in order to assess the extent and scalability of the method.

Technologies used

  • Digital Transformation
  • Roadmap 4.0
  • Strategy 4.0

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