IoT smart connected product

The smart connected product is the enabler behind new service-based business models. In fact, the information that is collected from connected objects is used both to change, often significantly, the design and functionality of the product itself with important effects on the efficiency and quality of the object, but especially to set up the billing tools associated with the use of the product itself (pay-per-performance, pay-per-use, SLA, …).
In addition, connectivity enables customization via product configuration, allowing users to take advantage of dedicated services, as well as to profile them in relation to the use of the product. In this sense, the user and the service provider are allowed to customize the product itself in relation to actual needs, shifting the focus of the business model from product to service. Alongside connectivity, intelligence enables connected objects to perform complex functions and make complex decisions in extremely short time. This is by virtue of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, hosted either locally or in the cloud depending on the computation and response time requirements.

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