Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes

Real-time collection of machine and system operating parameters enable smart monitoring and control of industrial processes. The data collected are diverse in nature, e.g., vibration, axis movements, spindle rotation speed, and power input for CNC machine tools.

The data collection is available for both digital native machines and old machines that have been appropriately retrofitted, as well as for auxiliary compressed air and power supply systems. These data are processed in various ways depending on the user receiving the information.

Immediate feedback to operators at the machine is provided by means of rules on the original signal or by “on edge” statistical algorithms. For line managers, “on cloud” AI algorithms enable identification of root causes and machinery health. Finally, plant managers can enjoy an integrated view, summarized in productivity indicators. The combined use of “on edge” and “on cloud” technology maximizes benefits with respect to the need for usability and accessibility for each user.

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