Smart maintenance

The real-time collection of data for monitoring enables smart maintenance where advanced data processing algorithms provide the best understanding of plant health. In fact, understanding the current state of health, as well as its prediction, including in terms of remaining useful life, support maintenance managers in planning pre-fault interventions that ensure system operational continuity and improved productivity.

Monitoring machine uptime and condition improves maintenance policies, especially those that are usage-based, i.e., based on actual machine usage. This additional set of information, compared to real-time monitoring, is offered to the end user, whether operator, manager or director, through different human-machine interfaces, from smartphones or tablets, to more advanced ones, such as wearables for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Thanks to these technologies, maintenance interventions are scheduled in advance and are then assisted virtually, and operators are facilitated in assembly and disassembly procedures as well as the identification of the correct spare parts.

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