INAIL (National Institute for Industrial Accident Insurance) visiting MADE Competence Center Industry 4.0

On Monday, February 28, INAIL (National Institute for Industrial Accident Insurance), the only public body in the partnership of MADE – Competence Center Industry 4.0, visited our digital factory located in the Bovisa campus of the Milan Polytechnic. Present on the occasion were the top management of the Institute namely The President, Franco Bettoni, the General Manager, Andrea Tardiola, and the Central Director of Research, Edoardo Gambacciani, assisted by their technical staff. The visit was coordinated by Prof. Marco Taisch who, after a brief presentation of the activities and results obtained also in terms of visits of companies to the competent center and showing the wide partnership of these that collaborates or takes research cues with MADE, accompanied the visitors to introduce the twenty demonstrators present in the six technological areas in which the exhibition space is divided.  The visit focused mainly on observing technologies related to Occupational Health and Safety, the mission of the INAIL Institute including collaborative robots, the exoskeleton, kinematic sensors in a virtual environment for the study of worker ergonomics. Augmented reality to support the operator was also tested. Technology transfer projects also included Medere’s ‘Step’: sensorized corrective insoles for therapeutic monitoring.