MADE Competence Center Industry 4.0:

A digital and sustainable factory

MADE is a Competence Center for Industry 4.0 created to implement Orientation, Training, and Finalization activities for technology transfer projects with companies on Industry 4.0 issues.
A technical interlocutor that companies can turn to for support during the digital transition to a smart factory. The first contact with companies that are not aware of the Competence Center’s offerings is that of orientation during which we engage companies to increase their awareness on Industry 4.0 issues with the aim of developing training paths dedicated to technicians, but also to the strategic profiles of companies and carry out technology transfer projects.

The ultimate goal of the Competence Center is to keep the profile of companies high, competitive, and sustainable.
MADE is a reality created by MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) to support manufacturing companies on the path of digital transformation. It guarantees a broad panorama of knowledge, methods, and tools in the area of digital technologies. From design to product engineering, production management, logistics, and end-of-life management, MADE provides its space and expertise to serve businesses.

At Made Competence Center Industry 4.0, we support manufacturing companies, especiallysmall and medium enterprises, on the path of digital transformation to factory 4.0: smart, connected, and sustainable, by providing a wide range of knowledge, methods and tools on digital technologies.
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These are the available technologies

To simplify usability and facilitate the creation of in-depth paths, six technology areas have been implemented within the Competence Center, in each of which one or more fundamental processes of a product’s life cycle are experienced and topics related to Industry 4.0 are discussed in a practical way.
In each of these areas there are demonstrators through which it is possible to live about 90 “experiences” to understand the main technologies that enable digital manufacturing.

Technological areas

Virtual Design and New Product Development

Digital Twin and Virtual Commissioning, Lean Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics 4.0

Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems

Quality 4.0, Product traceability and additive manufacturing

Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes, Smart energy monitoring and control, Smart maintenance

Industrial Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics

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