Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative robots (Cobots) are automated systems designed to work safely together with human operators in shared work environments. These robots assist the operator in various processes within the manufacturing industry, bringing cognitive, ergonomic, and physical benefits to the worker.

The accuracy, repetitiveness, and service time of these robots are designed to integrate with the intelligence and problem-solving skills of the human worker. In addition to the simple coexistence in production lines of humans and robots, collaborative robotics expresses its main advantages in the presence of actual collaborative operations between the two agents, that is, when both cooperate for the completion of the production task, improving the productivity indices of the same operations performed separately by humans and robots.

Collaborative robotics allows for simplified installation of the robot, requiring no physical protective infrastructure and thus less space occupation in production environments. The programming of collaborative robots is also generically simplified compared to that of traditional industrial robots.

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