Sebèc S.r.l.

Digital maturity level mapping and costs/benefits roadmap

company name

Sebèc S.r.l.

project title


size and location

Small enterprise, Lombardy


Politecnico di Milano

The problem

To undertake a digital transformation path, the Company wanted to map:

  1. its digital maturity level;

  2. methodologies to implement on its own processes to increase a higher digital maturity level.



For the manufacturing enterprise, MADE makes available a tool called “Industry 4.0 Strategy”. The aim is to drive them in their digital transformation path. In particular, according to their targets and features, they can identify an adoption plan on digital technologies and strategic competencies with this tool. Thus, they can guarantee the evolution towards Industry 4.0 both on efficiency and efficacy of their processes.


  • Digital maturity level evaluation of each process and business function (product design and engineering, production management, quality management, logistics management, maintenance management, supply chain management).
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of each process investigated.
  • Investigation of improvement opportunities to address the company’s digital path.
  • Planning and allocation of digital solutions introduction projects for business support.

Benefits for the company

  • The strategic plan is drawn in the operational and tactic plan.
  • Competitivity improves.
  • Internal awareness (communication among business functions) and external (technologies) improve.

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