Sacco System – Development of a Digital Roadmap

Company name

Sacco System

project title

SDR (Sacco Digital Roadmap)

dimension and location

Large enterprise, Cadorago (CO)


Politecnico di Milano

Sacco System is a biotech company with roots dating back to 1872, recognized as an international excellence in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical food industries. The company, a true hub of industrial innovation, positions itself as a leader in the market for enzymes, bacterial cultures, and probiotics.

The problem

Sacco Digital Roadmap (SDR) project by Sacco System was conceived following a significant training course with School of Competencies MADE4.0. During this training, the company recognized the critical importance of integrating digital technology into its business strategy. Despite Sacco System’s strong commitment to innovation and its established presence in the biotech sector, the need to develop a particularly digital-based strategy emerged, complete with the identification of a work plan on the use of data as a lever to achieve business objectives. Specifically, the creation of a digital strategy and the proper setup of a digital backbone through the identification of a macro work plan and associated intervention priorities, constraints, and value components of each project action is seen as the first step to start the business transformation process from a digital perspective.

This led to the need to map the company’s current digital framework in terms of systems, governance, and organization, enable the adoption of digital tools, consolidate data value and culture within the company, and enhance the company’s competitiveness regarding services and sustainability.

The solution

Digital Strategy Transformation Roadmap with MADE4.0: Through collaboration with MADE4.0, Sacco System initiated the project to develop a dedicated digital strategy roadmap that includes mapping current digital use and identifying strategic priorities, aimed at enhancing data culture within the company, objectifying its state of informational assets, and systems dedicated to data collection, preservation, and enhancement, in order to identify all the necessary elements to formulate a development plan for digital initiatives.

According to that, MADE developed a methodology that offers “Industry 4.0 Strategy,” a tool that MADE4.0 provides to manufacturing companies to accompany them on their digital transformation journey. In particular, this service includes:

  • Analysis of data use, i.e., an analysis of the current level of maturity in using data to support decisions; identification of gaps to be filled for individual business functions; identification of projects, data sets, and KPIs to bridge the detected gaps.
  • Data analysis and architecture, i.e., analysis of technological solutions currently in use and support in defining the architectural and organizational solution to optimize data management and analytics activities.
  • Data Governance: designing an operational model based on the definition of policies, best practices, and identification of technological tools to support with the goal of consolidating data culture.

The impacts

  • Define the motivations and objectives of one’s own data culture growth journey;
  • Objectify the state of one’s informational assets and the systems dedicated to their collection, preservation, and enhancement;
  • Gather the necessary elements to formulate a development plan for one’s data assets and data culture, which is tailored to future needs, feasible, and concretely capable of adding value.

Benefits for the company

  • The strategic plan is articulated into a tactical-operational plan.
  • Enhances competitiveness.
  • Increases internal (communication between functions) and external (technologies) awareness.
  • Identification of a cross-sectional approach necessary to guide the company in addressing challenges (and thus improvement projects) with extensive collaboration between functions.

Technologies used

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Strategy

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