Program: – ERDF Regional Operational 2014-2020 (ID 22088)
2021 – 2022

Valves for Hydrogen Applications by Low-emission Low-impact Additive manufacturing



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Competencies used

Additive manufacturing


VALHALLA’s goal is to develop a seal and two types of innovative and sustainable valves for hydrogen distribution made with additive manufacturing technologies, designed to be reused and recycled (circular by design).

Finally, a digital library with individual project files will ensure design harmonization, promoting agile and lean relationships with suppliers. Finally, the project will contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the entire regional supply chain by implementing the “Just in Time” paradigm. 

The project is transversally positioned in the Intelligent Specialization Areas, namely the Innovation Ecosystems “Advanced Manufacturing” and “Sustainability.” 


Synergy with the MADE Competence Center will foster the uptake of the innovative solution with regional and national digital innovation ecosystem players;

 Active collaboration with MADE, a Digital Innovation Hub officially recognized by the European Commission, will enable access to the European network of Digital Innovation Hubs in Vanguard Initiative regions;

Generate cross-regional impact by promoting the “Test Before Invest” paradigm;


  • INCREASE VALUE CHAIN EFFICIENCY THROUGH DIGITALIZATION: Decrease maintenance costs and logistics time, related to spare parts replacement, by decreasing transportation costs and optimizing inventory and order management.
  • INCREASE PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: Increase asset safety to prevent hydrogen leakage in the valve by improving safety;
  • PROMOTE VALUE CHAIN SUSTAINABILITY: Economic sustainability by promoting process scalability and an efficient business model through just-in-time production; Environmental sustainability by decreasing environmental impact and ensuring resource efficiency with circular design of components and valves; Social sustainability by increasing safety for workers through safer and standardized maintenance procedures, and for citizens through better performing components by eliminating the risk of hydrogen leakage in pipelines that pass through population centers.

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