The Manufacturing Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs



January 24th – the international Kick Off Meeting of European Network “EDIH Manufacturing Network – EDIH4MANU” was held in MADE Competence Center i4.0.

MADE4.0 is coordinating 25 European Digital Innovation Hub of the most competitive European Regions representing more than 30% of manufacturing EU added value.

The conference was an occasion to discuss with European and regional institution, industrial association, and technology transfer center about the role and services of EDIHs to support digital and sustainable transformation of manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies will understand how to exploit territorial, sectoral, and technological specialization thank to the complementary service of EDIH Manufacturing Network. 


EDIH State of Play: European and Regional perspective:

  • Malgorzata Nikowska -Digital Transformation of Industrial Ecosystems (CNECT.A.4) DG Connect, European Commission
  • Guido Guidesi – Lombardy Councilor of Economic Development
  • Sandra Pérez Martínez – Innovation Agency of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Marco Taisch – EDIH4Manu

European manufacturing ecosystem: synergies and complementarities:

  • Demur Gaspard – Deputy Head of Unit CNECT A.4, European Commission
  • Maria Rossetti – EDIH Coordinator
  • Martina Piazza – Officer for Digital Technology & Innovation Policy, DIGITAL EUROPE
  • Željko Pazin – EFFRA Executive Director

EDIH cross regional service: creating impact for EU manufacturing industry:

  • Annabelle Sion, Roxane Girard – POLYTRONICS
  • Henrieta Dunne – EDIH Cassovium (EDIH Slovakia)
  • Laura Arribas, Eurecat – DIH4CAT (EDIH Catalunya)
  • Pierluigi Petrali, EDIH Lombardia

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