Research project and development of a collaborative robotic application and intelligent vision system for automating the loading and unloading process and/or defectiveness on rubber sole printing compression presses, and development of an industrial demonstrator

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Grande impresa, Lombardia



Politecnico di Milano

Competencies used

Digital twin

The problem

The sole printing compression process is entirely manual. Material upload, printing cycle check, quality management, and product unloading require labor.

  • High ratio of manual operations for low value-added activities.

  • Risk associated with the previously mentioned operations.

  • Setup and process management timings (upload/unload, control).

  • To ensure reliability with quality assurance.



  1. Collaborative robotics. Repetitive activities become easily replaceable.

  2. Artificial intelligence is applied to information conveyance with a collection of images. Components are being filmed, and their information is sent to the robot, which is guided by an intelligent camera. 


  1. Robots perform the operations. Hence, risks for workers are lowered to the minimum (workplace safety).

  2. There is a cognitive interaction between robot and worker (collaboration).

  3. The worker takes a more critical role managing a process with robotics included (an upskilling process becomes active, the worker gets new competencies).

Benefits for the company

  • Correct operational sequence real-time check.

  • Automatic check of defectiveness and operational parameters. Operations, setup-time reduction, and defectiveness levels are optimized.

Competences are implemented from the following use cases:

Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems.


Parole di Management – 13 settembre 2021 –

“Processi digitali e filiera informatizzata, Vibram si adegua alle sfide dell’era covid”

ITALIA 4.0 Tecnologi per lo smart manufacturing – 28 settembre 2021 –

“Processi digitali e filiera informatizzata, Vibram si adegua alle sfide dell’era covid”

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