Programme: Horizon 2020 – I4MS, DIHWORLD project (ID 952176
October 2021 – March 2022

Enhancing collaborative robots technology to assembly smart irrigation system for agriculture


99.500 €

project title


Digital Innovation Hubs




Competencies used



MADE, Lead Partner, DIH – RAIN SPA (SME – IT),Technical developer

Rain SpA is an Italian SME based in Lombardy, producing patented products and components for agriculture that smartly and autonomously, manage any irrigation system, either sprinkler or drip. Systems are equipped with AI algorithm, allowing to collect relevant information (e.g. weather forecast, pests) and sensors ensuring remote control and real time failure detection. The evolving market demand and the impact of COVID19 made the company facing the development of an innovative, resilient and human centered. business model ensuring global competitiveness. RAINBOT will develop the use of a collaborative robot within production line of solenoid and electric valves. The project will leverage the cooperation with MADE – Digital Innovation Hub through a Test Before Invest methodology, simulating different scenarios in MADE collaborative robotics use case.

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