U&O S.r.l.

The Exo3age project has developed a prototype exoskeleton using components, made through additive manufacturing, which aims to improve the motor autonomy of an elderly person with motor difficulties.

company name

U&O S.r.l.

project title


size and location

Microimpresa, Piacenza (PC)



Politecnico di Milano

Competencies used

Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems

The problem

The life expectancy of the people in developed countries is increasing and, consequently, also the number of elderly people. 

Among the needs of this category, there is the ability to move independently in different environments, compensating the motor limitation due to natural aging. In order to compensate for the strength limitations, nowadays the elderly with motor difficulties can rely on walking aids (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs) or the help of health workers, family, or friends. 



  1. Exoskeleton prototype in support of the musculoskeletal system of the lower limbs. 

  2. Realization of components in additive manufacturing to lighten the weight. 

The subject wearing this particular device benefits from immediate support while walking. In fact, the system makes the movement less energetically hard. 


  1. Minimal energy expenditure of the caregiver and clinical staff to support walking; 

  2. Increased moto autonomy; 

  3. Enhancement of the physical walking performance;  

  4. 3D printing enables greater device customization;  

  5. Prevention of complications related to immobility or hyphmobility and joint stiffness. 

Benefits for the company

  •  Access to B2B market in support of health workers and their facilities. 

  • Access to customer market also through the distribution via e-commerce platforms. 

  • The positioning of the innovation landscape changes, the company gains a competitive advantage. 

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