The Marvin project aims to automate cause and effect correlation analysis to improve monitoring and reduce the risk of error and failure through algorithms, machine learning, and implementation of an IoT platform

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Media impresa, Bottanuco (BG)



Politecnico di Milano

Competencies used

Smart maintenance
Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes

The problem

Automation systems of the assembly process, especially in the Automative accessories sector, are composed of mechatronic modules (PLC, sensors, electrical or pneumatic actuators, control logic) and equipped with an advanced monitoring system, able to control productivity indexes (output and availability) in real time. The correlation analysis between cause and effect (failures and possible origins) is however the result of the experience and key skills, highly specialized, and not of automatism or algorithms elaborated in an autonomous way by the system. 



  1. Development of a solution for the predictive maintenance of production plants based on IA algorithms; 

  2. Machine learning advanced models able to self-learn diagnostically the failures diagnostic process and of interfacing autonomously with the logistic system of the company for the automated management of the worn component procurement process; 

  3. Implementation of an IoT platform equipped with an HMI interface for remote reporting of operating states and failures.  


  • Possibility to collect in a granular way alarm data and messaging through which, with a predictive approach, anomaly detection and root cause analysis processes are implemented. In this way, Automac systems will be able to suggest how to solve an anomaly by indicating the cause that triggered it.  

  • Ability to predict potential failures before they occur by combining monitoring systems, machine learning techniques, and Artificial Intelligence. This implementation enables the analysis and prevention of failures of module tools, such as riveting, screwing and tapping, wear prevention, electrical drives, pneumatic drives, belt conveyor systems, vibrating feeding systems. 

Benefits for the company

  • A market competitive advantage is created, thanks to the reduction of plant management costs by the customer who will implement its Automac solutions. 

  • The bases for a new business model are developed, for example by breaking down the traditional supply paradigm, such as the sale of production plan, in order to propose new formulas more competitive, such as production capacity rental. 

  • The ability to control and monitor plant performance increases and, consequently, it optimizes the management of the maintenance activities; in fact, it allows to manage in a strategical way the maintenance with the consequent reduction of the total cost of the productive assets involved and the optimization of the replacement parts warehouse. 

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