Iacchetti S.r.l.

Sensors for predictive maintenance of elevators and escalators

company name

Iacchetti S.r.l.

project title


size and location

Small enterprise, Lombardy



Competencies used

Big Data Analytics
IoT smart connected product
Smart maintenance

The problem

Maintenance management of elevators and escalators in busy and high traffic areas (airports, train stations, underground) is made with troubleshooting or cyclic approach. It reduces the standard of service because equipment wear could cause malfunctioning or faults.



  1. ​IoT sensors and smart vision systems automatically gather variables and images of the wear level.

  2. Algorithms and mathematical models calculate the wear level and automatically diagnostics the status of the equipment.


  • Strategic management of the maintenance team, working promptly and anticipating faults.

  • Continuity of the standard of service is guaranteed.

  • Data and variables are gathered to perform the predictive calculation of the equipment functioning. A first step in applying maintenance 4.0.

Benefits for the company

  • User perception of quality service improves.

  • Maintenance cost reduces.

  • Awareness of the functioning of the equipment under analysis increases and then the ability to make decisions.

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