Blockchain technologies to enable circular and recycling business model for manufacturing industry – RECIRCLEMAN

23154 – Eit Manufacturing

01/2023 – 12/2023




6 partners


- Controlled and efficient supply chain
- CO2 reduction, upskilling on blockchain
- Visibility in a European network on sustainability issues



Competencies used

Big Data Analytics
Digital backbone
Logistics 4.0
Product traceability
Smart energy monitoring and control
Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes


Companies have an increasing need to ensure better traceability of the origin and destination of products to identify opportunities for reduction, reuse, remanufacturing or recycling, with a view to circular economy.


  • Increase product traceability in the supply chain
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of blockchain technology to support new circular business models
  • Increase database security and functionality
  • Prevent fraud through product traceability
  • Increase the efficiency of product end-of-life management methodologies in supply chains

Benefits for the companies

Thanks to the project ReCircleMan, companies can implement innovative end-of-life management practices that enable a circular business model shared among various supply chain actors.

Exploiting the potential of blockchain technology to securely certify supply chains, companies can increase supply chain traceability by taking an important step on the path towards the creation of a digital factory.

MADE4.0 role

MADE4.0 is involved in the project ReCircleMan in order to:
  • make its facility available to implement and test a pre-industrial blockchain solution
  • make available a wide range of digital knowledge, methods and technologies
  • implement ad hoc training courses



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