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The TUNNELING 4.0 project aims to consolidate and integrate the three phases of tunnel excavation, collecting all information through a platform and IoT sensors and the use of mobile devices.

company name

CP Technology S.r.l.

Digitalnology S.r.l.

title project


size and location

Associazione temporanea di imprese, Milano (MI)



Competencies used

Big Data Analytics
Digital backbone
Hybrid cloud

The problem

The realization of the excavation of a tunnel requires different actors (contracting authority, builders, and subcontractors), which operate independently, without a real system of consolidation and integration of the information. Therefore, data related to manufacturing, construction, logistic (of the materials), monitoring, and maintenance phases of the excavation are disaggregated and not easily available.



  1. IoT platform capable of collecting, storing, and integrating all the information and parameters needed to manage the digging advancement of a tunnel. 

  2. IoT sensors and remote traceability and monitoring solution of the process of machinery (fraises) and equipment used during the excavation. 

  3. Mobile devices (tablets, cell phones, barcode readers) are provided to the workers to collect data during  the working process. ​

The platform will allow all the actors, with different levels of depth, to control the 3 main phases of the work being able to coordinate them properly: the excavation with TBM (tunnel boring machine); – the prefabrication of the ashlars that make up the tunnel lining; – the logistic related to the ashlars to be laid. The machinery will directly collect the information, adding some other data collected from people’s activities through the dematerialized reports, barcode readers, etc. 


The project will have an impact on three main phases: 

  1. Digging: monitoring of excavation machine operating parameters (head rotation speed or thrust force or head torque or auger speed or pressures or temperatures or force on bearings).
    Reception of reports and alerts for each measured parameter (geo-referenced map, time series of each parameter, history of work, and maintenance of the excavator).

  2. Ashlar prefabrication: monitoring of production and warehouse, traceability of the production process for each ashlar, stock management of the raw material used ((automatic reorder when below threshold).

  3. Ashlar logistic: an integrated view of production warehouses, storage, and installation in order to optimize the supply chain.

Benefits for the company

  • Put a new product on the market, which meets growing demand, also due to the extension and improvement of available technologies. 

  • The competitiveness increases thanks to the extension of the portfolio of the product under management.  

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