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Learning about AI and digitalization for a more efficient computer-aided process planning in Machining 4.0 -CAPP_AI4.0

project Id 23116 – eit manufacturing
01/2023 – 12/2024


798,821.00 €




CELADA (Italia) – Czech Technical University in Prague (Repubblica Ceca) – MADE4.0  (Italia) – Mondragon University (Spagna) – Politecnico di Milano (Italia) – TU Darmstadt (Germania) – WatAJet s.r.l. (Italia)


Planning and preparation of the machining process are at the heart of modern machining in the world of industrial production, ensuring precision and quality.
Until now, decisions accrued during planning, have been made mainly on the basis of the experience of skilled professionals. New artificial intelligence systems can help and support process planning to shorten the time required and get as close as possible to optimal results.

The project

This project aims to increase awareness, skills, and application of Artificial Intelligence support systems that can assist trained employees in their activities of planning and preparing machining processes. The activity will result in courses and workshops (as well as training materials) that will train employees in the use of these systems, thereby increasing the capacity, productivity and efficiency of SMEs.

Benefits for the companies

  • Workshops
  • Training materials
  • Training courses
  • Digital learning on Industry 4.0

MADE4.0 role

MADE4.0, digital and sustainable factory, will provide a wide range of knowledge, methods, and digital technologies by hosting a significant number of workshops held in a context composed of different industrial and institutional realities.


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