Meccanica del Sarca

Company name

Meccanica del Sarca

project title


size and location

Large enterprise, Trento



Competencies used

Big Data Analytics
Hybrid cloud
Quality 4.0
Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes

The problem

One of the typical processes in Meccanica Del Sarca is woodworking using machine tools, which, being cabined, involve accumulations of chips and dust, generating a high risk of fire inside the plant. In fact, within such machines, the so-called fire triangle is always recreated, that is, the 3 conditions that can trigger a fire start are always reproduced: simultaneous presence of fuel, oxidizer and the ignition source. These conditions are typically due to an increase in shear stress (caused by tool-wood contact, non-woody inclusions within the matrix, or high-density zones within the wood) that leads to a localized increase in heat and thus to a fire ignition principle with potentially devastating consequences. For this reason, the company is at a high risk of fire in the machining process, partly because, fire and smoke/heat detection sensors typically on the market have not been found to be effective.

Benefits for the company proposing the project

– Improved risk management: based on hazard identification, the most appropriate solution to mitigate the detected hazard can be identified
– Reduction of damage due to fires triggered within the plant and related downtime: it is believed that with this system the economic impact of potential fire damage can be reduced by 90% 
– Implementation of an intelligent solution that goes beyond the functionality offered by market solutions: possible possibility of protecting, through industrial privatisation, the results obtained from the prototype solution, which is the subject of the innovation project.


1.    The generation of an artificial intelligence algorithm makes it possible to endow a traditional camera with additional functionality: identification and classification of hazard and risk conditions appropriately cataloged for Sarca Mechanics’ workings.
2.    Integration between the connectivity features offered by the camera and those offered by the AI algorithm allow detection, identification and “detection” activities to be carried out in real time.
3.    The integration and connection of the described solution with the alarm system makes it possible to create an intelligent real time monitoring system of the working conditions of the mechanical woodworking process, enabling the company to afford unmanned processing.


1. Artificial intelligence applied to computer vision and deep learning techniques used for automatic, real-time identification of sparks that could ignite the fire.
2.    Intelligent continuous monitoring system that by means of normal optical cameras placed in the machines detects automatically and under all operating conditions situations of fire danger by generating an alarm signal.

The solution subsists in the development of an algorithm that analyzes in real time the images of a normal HD camera installed inside the machine tools and is able to detect processing anomalies that can potentially create the conditions for the ignition of a fire. The effectiveness of such an algorithm ensures immediate warning of a critical issue in real time, then allowing for an intervention strategy that may differ depending on the level of risk and the specific company organization. 

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