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La proposta progettuale ha l’obiettivo di realizzare un algoritmo di intelligenza artificiale per ottimizzare il controllo qualità basato sulla verifica della corretta presenza di colla su astucci di carta nel settore del paper converting e cartotecnica.

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Grande impresa, Lombardia



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Quality 4.0

The problem

OffGridBox drives are tolls that operate in isolated areas and without network connections and connections to electrical and hydraulic supplies: despite this, they must be able to ensure the continuity of the supply (energy, drinking water, and connectivity). 

Reliability in service delivery is of crucial importance when OffGridBox is used in critical situations (reception camps and shelters), or while helping communities living in isolated conditions. 



  1. IoT solution integrated into an electronic board with microcontroller architecture driven by a Firmware developed ad hoc and a system of sensors and actuators specific to the chosen context. 

  2. Essential Machine Learning techniques to make the best use of the limited resources available in the context in which the system operates, and make the application autonomous in taking preventive actions in a wide range of conditions (changing weather conditions, real-time control of energy availability, etc.). 

  3. Edge computing solution to bring distributed level intelligence to OffGridBox drives. 


  • The system is able to collect in a granular way data from the context in which the drive is installed, enabling operative choices necessary for service delivery (water purification and delivery, battery charging, etc.). 

  • It is possible to remotely control the different OffGridBox geographically distributed. 

  • The drive is made autonomous thanks to machine learning techniques that allow it to understand the conditions of the operating context, and to undertake autonomous actions following specific algorithms (send alerts, adjust energetic consumption properly, set the accumulation of electricity according to the amount of sunlight, etc.). 

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