Latteria Soresina

Planning and implementation of a cyber security policy, through the development of a risk analysis, gap analysis, to strengthen the security of the company.

company name

Latteria Soresina

project title


size and location

Grande impresa, Soresina (CR)



Competencies used

Digital backbone
Industrial Cyber Security

The problem

The introduction of the new digital technologies necessary for internal process optimization and for providing new services to customer opens new scenarios of cyber risk. For this reason, for Latteria Soresina, it is necessary to design and implement a robust cyber security policy in the extended sense of critical infrastructure protection, with a specific focus on industrial asset integrity, personal data privacy management, and the regulation and control of the internal and external IT access. 



Use of a methodology necessary to adopt cyber security procedures and techniques for computer infrastructure management. Specifically, the methodology entails: 

  • census of technological equipment present in the Company’s establishment. 

  • Elaboration of a risk analysis concerning the sector standard. 

  • Elaboration of a gap analysis concerning the project objectives. 

  • Support in the governance definition process. 

  • Support in the implementation of the action plan following the gap analysis. 


  • It is possible to use communication, management, administrative, and commercial tools without fear of cyber attacks and compromising corporate asset operation. 

  • A governance policy is introduced to manage the operational and technological complexities. 

  • The evolutionary design of the Network conforms to Industry 4.0 paradigm. 

Benefits for the company

  • management costs are reduced in relation to the use of cutting-edge IT technologies  

  • Operating margins are increased and, consequently, the competitiveness of the offer on the market. 

Rassegna stampa


“Latteria Soresina: gli step per diventare una Smart Factory”

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