Medere S.r.l.

Sensored supportive insoles for therapeutic monitoring
(digital acquistion and 3D printing)

company name

Medere S.r.l.

project title

PASSO Plantari correttivi sensorizzati per il monitoraggio terapeutico (da acquisizione digitale e stampa 3D)

size and location

Micro impresa, Lazio



Competencies used

Additive manufacturing
IoT smart connected product

The problem

Musculoskeletal pathology analysis includes, to date, the usage and monitoring of data gathered by gait analysis in specific laboratories. Moreover, traditional supportive insoles can gather data for a limited period of time without storing capacity. Hence, these solutions are implemented exclusively in clinical exams and avoid remote monitoring.​



  • Additive manufacturing: a corrective insole is 3D printed, with the typical advantages of this technique:

  1. Transmission of the information in 3D printing format. Fewer images and videos of the patient’s foot are needed to develop a customized model.

  2. Customized product, the corrective insole is made based on each patient’s needs, starting with the anatomic model and clinical prescription.​

  • IoT: remote control. In this corrective insole, sensors are installed to monitor posture and continuously perform the typical gait analysis in specific laboratories. Thanks to these systems, information is gathered to perform a diagnostic analysis of the patient’s gait.


  • The IoT enables a diagnosis: information is gathered, databases useful for this purpose. Moreover, it enables the product to service concept: the corrective insole “communicates” information is, therefore, the supply base for dedicated services (therapeutic control and CRM).

Benefits for the company

  • Enabling a prototype, eventually tradeable.

  • Internal competencies increase.

  • Relative position in the innovation scenario improves. The company accesses a growing market, and it can build leadership in this sector.​

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