Electrolux Italia S.p.a.
The project aims to develop smart tools based on innovative sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms for integration into cutting-edge home ovens to improve the experience of increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

Company name

Electrolux Italia S.p.a.

Project title

SOS-COOKS - Smart Odour Sensors for monitoring COOking Systems

Size and location

Large enterprise headquartered in Porcia (PN) – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Operational project headquarter: Forlì (FC) Emilia Romagna


Politecnico di Milano

Competencies used

IoT smart connected product

The problem

Introduction of new technologies, such as the electronic nose, into domestic ovens involves:

  1. Identification of an array of sensors suitable for monitoring cooking functions.
  2. Introduction of artificial intelligence-based algorithms for identifying cooking steps
  3. Implementation of signal correction and compensation algorithms
  4. Integration of new technologies on home appliance platforms in production 

Benefits for the company proposing the project

  • Digitization of performance and potential acquisition of feedback on the firing result of the machine compared to the user’s expected result with the aim of improving the product
  • Improved communication of the benefits of the company’s products to users


  • Technological step: improvement of product performance with the implementation of sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms for cooking control;
  • Assisted cooking: implementations of assisted functions with the aim of offering fully automatic cooking functions;
  • Energy saving: optimization of cooking and consequent energy savings;
  • Food waste reduction: reduction of potential food waste due to overly prolonged cooking


  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes 
  • Smart energy monitoring and control 

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