Programme: Horizon 2020 – I4MS, DIH4CPS project (ID 872548)
March 2021 – Aug 2022

Sensorised insoles for therapeutic monitoring of patients



project title


Digital Innovation Hubs




Competencies used

Additive manufacturing
IoT smart connected product


MADE Competence Center – Lead Partner, DIH, MEDERE (SME – IT) – Technical partner

The problem

Several pathologies are not well monitored throughout their course. Doctors needs a valid and reliable system to monitor patients remotely and to access longitudinal data with ease.


Medere, with the support of MADE Competence Center, aims at developing STEP (Sensorised insoles for therapeutic monitoring of patients) project to release a system for real-life patient monitoring based on custom-made sensorised insoles. The main objective of the project is to provide the sensors insertion for diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring inside custom-made insoles realised with digital acquisition and 3D printing. In this way, data recorded in real-life will be analysed and elaborated with a dedicated software and shared securely with clinicians, enabling the possibility to provide a service that is indispensable, and not present today, for doctors and patients.

MADE role

MADE Competence Center will support Medere to develop the realisation of prototypes and Proof of Concept to ensure reliability and accuracy data gathering and to carry out the measurement of variables and of parameters needed to instantiate the diagnostic model for doctor analysis and for corrective actions identification for patients. In addition, MADE will support in the project management aspect and in the dissemination of result to both researcher and general public.


The result of the project will give Medere the possibility of drawing up detailed protocols to produce sensorised custom-made orthotics with a potential exponential growth rate. The major technological limit, namely production times, will be minimised thanks to the specific knowledge of Medere and the software that the company has developed for the rapid prototyping and modelling of custom-made orthotics. In addition, the collaboration with MADE Competence Center DIH will allow an optimisation of the production chain and will give support for the industrial exploitation of the product. Scalability is a peculiar feature of a solution of this type and opens to multiple sales scenarios of both the product and the production system to third parties. Based on the results, Medere will file a regular patent application for IP protection and to guarantee the freedom-to-operate.
The digital solution developed in the context of this experiment.

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