Smart Connected Product




2 days in presence

certificate of attendance

Issued by MADE - Competence Center i4.0


The aim of this course is to provide participants with basic knowledge, tools and methods with which to implement innovative technological solutions in the Industry 4.0 environment. Smart manufacturing involves integrating products with sensors, computer platforms, communication technologies, the control, simulation, modelling and management of large and varied amounts of data, and predictive diagnostic capabilities.
It uses the concepts of cyber-physical systems driven by Industrial loT, cloud com- puting, data engineering and data analytics. Demand for sensors integrated into products of all shapes and sizes is expected to increase in the future, and additive manufacturing is a viable design and manufacturing solution for these.
Printed sensors and printed electronics are already being adopted in numerous ap- plications in wearable devices, Industry 4.0 and loT, from human-machine interfaces to monitoring physical and chemical quantities. Smart, connected and responsive products communicate with each other and can perform their assigned functions more efficiently and generally more effectively.


Politecnico di Milano – Brescia University – Bergamo University – Pavia University – AizoOn – Cefriel – Reply – SAP – Siemens – St Microelectronics – Techedge – Warrant Hub


Production managers – Line managers – ICT experts.

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